Belinda James

Resource Manager

Bringing more than 25 years’ commercial experience across a variety of industries, Belinda is passionate about delivering the best solution for Noetic and our valued clients.

Belinda has worked across the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Superannuation and Property industries in Business Development, Account Management and Marketing. Always focused on the client, yet retaining a commercial lens, Belinda’s success in these varied industries has laid the foundations for BETTER management of consulting  resources at Noetic.

Belinda brings to Noetic a positive perspective that always strives for BETTER. In terms of people resources, Belinda successfully connects the needs of our clients with the Noetic business. She easily builds relationships, and together with her skill in organisation and attention to detail, Belinda ensures our consultants are utilised efficiently, that they are using their skills effectively and that they are in the right locations, on the right projects and available at the right time.

Qualifications:Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing
Strengths/qualities: People orientation, attention to detail, organised