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Amber Pensini


Amber is a dedicated and professional individual who demonstrates enthusiasm and care for the work that she does.

Amber is a consultant with Noetic Group. As a consultant, Amber provides essential administrative support to project leads/ managers and makes valued contributions to the projects she is involved with across a range of clients, all while building the fundamental skills of consulting and discovering different areas of interest.

Amber has completed a Bachelor of Design Honours at the Australian National University. During her studies, she was exposed to a broad range of design practices and processes, gaining experience in areas such as Design Thinking, Speculative Design, and Visual Communication.

These design practices and processes are advantageous to the consulting processes and are areas of interest she wishes to incorporate and develop for future work. Amber has additional skills in the way of problem solving, research and analysis, project support, information management, stakeholder engagement, communication, and teamwork.

During her time at Noetic, Amber has been exposed to and assisted in a range of projects including Emerging Disruptive Technology Assessment Symposium (EDTAS) and Navy Workforce Strategy and Futures – Navy Mastery.

Amber supports multiple projects across Noetic teams. She is currently providing support as a research assistant for the Defence Oral History Program (DOHP) in the research and curation of CDF, VCDF and SECDEF oral interviews and transcriptions and to the overall objectives of the program in organisational and administrative needs.

Amber believes every employee at Noetic plays a critical role in achieving not only successful outcomes for our clients but also for the organisation.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Design (Hons) Australian National University
Strengths/qualities: empathetic, determined, creative thinker