Alexander Thorn


As a recent graduate in Economics and Arts coupled with extensive experience in hospitality management, Alex is excited to apply his diverse skillset at Noetic.

Alex has recently completed a Dual Bachelors in Economics and Arts with a Major in International Relations at the Australian National University. During his studies Alex held a position in Hospitality Management where he developed excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Alex’s interests range from Behavioural Economics to International Terrorism and he is passionate about learning and seeking new opportunities to expand his knowledge.

Alex is excited to work in a fast-paced business environment and is keen to learn everything he can from the experienced Noetic Team. He looks forward to applying the research and analysis skills he developed at university to assist the Noetic Team in producing ‘signature solutions’ for clients.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Economics (ANU), Bachelor of Arts – International Relations Major (ANU)
Strengths/qualities: Approachable, critical thinker, resourceful