Advait Thakur

Research Assistant

Advait works in support of a wide range of projects, instrumentalising a foundational education in design to encourage organisational legibility.

Advait joined Noetic’s Canberra office to learn more about governance and the scale at which it operates. Previous occupations – within the tertiary education sector, within the non-profit sector, as an agricultural apprentice, as a designer, and as a volunteer – fomented an abiding interest in the ways in which value can be asserted. Advait works as a research assistant, leveraging this diverse set of experiences to provide project support to the consulting and creative design teams.

Advait believes that consulting, at its best, can be akin to a form of organisational psychoanalysis. He appreciates Noetic’s commitment to client and stakeholder engagement, and the facilitation of reflection.

Qualifications: Masters of Agricultural Economics, Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons)
Strengths/qualities: communication, project support, research and analysis