Noetic Signature Solutions for Defence and Notional Security

Signature Solutions for Defence & National Security

Noetic is a unique Australian-owned industry capability, working above the line with unparalleled expertise across the defence and national security sectors.

We stand by our reputation for tackling highly complex projects, and for driving innovative, practical and lasting solutions. In delivering trustworthy and independent signature solutions, Noetic provides a crucial interface between Defence, the broader national security sector, and the public we serve.

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Our focus on strategy and implementation has seen Noetic work extensively across Defence, Home Affairs and other security agencies, delivering enterprise business planning, performance reporting, enterprise risk management and workforce planning. We also provide highly specialised support to defence experimentation, future warfighting concepts, future technology scanning and doctrine and simulation. In addition, Noetic offer industry recognised investment management advice and deliver a comprehensive range of training and education. Our workforce contains an experienced mix of defence, public service and academic professionals who all share a genuine interest and enthusiasm in working within this challenging operational environment.

At Noetic, our professional services target what we consider to be three essentials of business: optimising current business processes, enabling essential transformation and change, and investing in innovation to build future capability.

Effective business optimisation is not only better for your business, but better for your people, for reaching your goals and for clear executive decision making. By understanding and communicating strategic direction across your team, we work with you to find more proactive and efficient ways to operate at best capacity.

We provide a range of services including:

  • Enterprise governance
    • Business planning and reporting
    • Enterprise risk management
    • Business continuity
  • Training reviews and analysis
  • Training design, development and delivery
  • SOP and doctrine writing
  • Workforce planning and job role development
  • Policy review and development
  • Lessons learnt reviews
  • Dashboards and visualisation
  • Exercise design, development and delivery.

To succeed in today’s continually changing environment, Defence and National Security agencies must be equipped to undertake major transformations when greater alignment is needed. Noetic designs and implements signature services that focus on building strategies for change, for implementing and managing change, and building an inclusive and resilient culture for embracing change.

These services include:

  • Change management
  • Business case development
  • Digital transformation
  • Strategy and planning
  • Organisational design
  • Culture change
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Process design.

To enable better planning and resilience and allow for appropriate investment in the needs of the future, an organisation must be able to identify and leverage the insights that will create the future. Through strategic foresight, simulation and experimentation, Noetic can work with you to shed light on the trends and analysis that align with your transformative goals. This allows you to continue to push the boundaries for future warfighting capability, operation preparedness and technology development.

Our range of services includes:

  • Simulation strategy & needs analysis
  • Experimentation design, development & delivery
  • Futures thinking
  • Future concepts
  • Future technology assessment.
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