Simple Steps to Cultivate Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

– by Sara Wilson

In one of my first professional roles, I listened to a talk on diversity and inclusion that really resonated with me. The speaker was promoting an internal initiative, adding LGBTIQ support pins to profiles. This initiative cost individuals only a couple of minutes of their time yet was a significant demonstration of support for their colleagues.

Since that moment, I’ve tried to apply this message to every aspect of how I work. I’ve realised that as a collective we do have the power to create real change in this space. While company policies and actions remain a hugely important and influential component of embracing diversity and inclusion, there is an additional part, arguably as or more important. It is workplace culture. Where everyone can play a role in creating a more inclusive workplace.


It’s often lots of small acts that change cultures and build a safe and welcoming workspace in which everyone can thrive. Here are some small steps that you can take to make a difference.

Share and promote diversity and inclusion

Share articles related to diversity and inclusion on LinkedIn, share stories in the office and show that you care about diversity and inclusion.

Get involved in events

Attend your office morning tea celebrating Wear it Purple or Reconciliation, bring something to share and let everyone know that you believe in the cause. Attend networking events that promote diversity and inclusion.

Find out more

We can all learn from each other. There is so much great information to be discovered by listening to others, reading articles and doing some research and actively participating.

Reflect on and re-evaluate the words and phrases you use

Reflection is an important part of everyone’s contribution to diversity and inclusion, as we need to engage with difference and learn to be truly inclusive in how we act and speak.

Consider how you can include others in your workplace

Think about including different people in meetings and promoting your colleagues’ good ideas. Ask others for input and take the time to stop and listen to different perspectives.

At Noetic, our Diversity and Inclusion Working Group is sponsored by Noetic’s co-founder Peter Murphy. Diversity and inclusion are championed by our CEO and co-founder, Andrew Balmaks. This working group considers both uniqueness and belongingness in our workplace, as we consider both individuals and our group to build inclusion. We believe that the benefits of diversity and inclusion flow to everyone through better collaboration and more meaningful, enjoyable work.

There is real opportunity, right now, for positivity and change-makers to lead the way in this time of transition, recognising the value of diversity and inclusion. It’s time for us all to play our part.