COVID Matters

COVID-19 presents significant challenges for individuals, businesses and government now and into the future.
Noetic’s key focus right now is assisting government agencies respond to the immediate crisis and prepare to manage the continuity of government business in the months ahead.

Here you’ll find a collection of interviews, video blogs and blog posts that will assist you in various aspects of this complex, changeable and challenging time.

COVID-19: The risk of neglecting our other risks

One of the risks of the COVID-19 pandemic is that we will neglect other risks. They have not gone away! Indeed, the likelihood of their occurrence may have increased. Cybercrime is the most obvious current example. Whilst I have not seen any data, my perception is of more increasingly sophisticated phishing attacks.

Managing COVID – 19 – Is there anything else to say?

Why haven’t I written anything on COVID-19, I am asked? The answer is straightforward. For the most part, I have colleagues in Noetic who have more experience of epidemics and BCP. I also see the professional institutions active in this space too – such as the Australian Institute of Health and Safety (AIHS). The AIHS have two webinars alone this week on these topics.

How to stay connected and deliver outcomes in an age of isolation

The last few weeks have given us all an insight into the inevitable changes we will need to adapt to. ‘Top ten tips when working from home’, ‘how to remain productive when working from home’, ‘how to continue engaging with colleagues remotely’ – I’m sure you get the idea.