Noetic is an industry leader in investment management—a practice which brings together a range of well-known and accepted concepts including investment logic, investment prioritisation and benefits realisation.  Noetic’s proven proprietary Investment Management approach provides a structured and rigorous methodology to deliver the optimal return (both financial and non-financial) for any type of expenditure or investment. We work with your team to identify both the underlying business logic and the meaningful and measurable benefits sought. This provides the baseline to actively monitor and manage the realisation of identified benefits. Importantly, Noetic’s approach is scalable and can be applied to projects, programs and whole-of-enterprise initiatives. It also allows you to prioritise spending decisions taking into account interdependencies, organisational capacity and portfolio risks.

Investment management is a robust, rigorous and simple methodology that can be applied to any investment at any stage of its lifecycle—pre-investment to post-implementation. It involves:

The key advantage of Noetic’s approach is achieving a line of sight between expectations, delivery and the value of the resources applied. Investment Management: