Noetic people approach our work in the national security and defence sector with a passion and a sense of pride in what we can contribute. We believe that private enterprise has a crucial role to play in supporting the security of the nation, and we are proud of our involvement in this task.

Noetic has a significant history of working with national security agencies and alongside defence forces in Australia and the United States. We relish dealing with difficult issues, from leading major reviews of national security and defence operations, through to critical assessments of capabilities, and delivering challenging organisational change. We remain actively engaged in supporting the development of defence capability and some of our work is industry leading—one example being the transformation of Army and Joint Doctrine development resulting in improved quality, consistency and reliability.

To deliver great outcomes requires high quality people. Noetic people comprise a remarkable mix of internal expertise with an exceptional base of experienced associates, many of whom have occupied senior public sector and military appointments and/or have invaluable field experience.

Noetic understands the broad national security and defence challenges. We pride ourselves on our ability to translate this knowledge in very practical ways. Our reviews result in actionable strategies and business plans, our training and exercising has been widely recognised for its practical application, and our candid advice. Noetic provides practical solutions to security problems.

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