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Sandra Koost

General Manager Corporate & Operations

Sandra plays a key role in Noetic’s business, managing corporate functions across finance and administration.

Sandra is the Manager Corporate and part of the Noetic Senior Management Team. She is the go-to person for all of the Group’s finance and administrative functions and ensures the corporate team supports clients, consultants and suppliers in a timely and outcome focused manner. Sandra originally joined Noetic in the United States, transferring to Head Office in Canberra on her return to Australia.

Sandra has spent more than 20 years in the finance industry with a particular focus on the small to medium business sector. Noetic’s values, strong customer focus and an emphasis on solving complex problems attracted Sandra to the Group. “Innovation, excellence, outcome focus, enjoyment and entrepreneurialism are Noetic’s core values and this is reflected in the work ethic and the people across the Group. It’s great working in a team of dedicated professionals that really care about making a difference for our clients.” Sandra relishes her role in providing customer-focussed support to the Noetic team.

Qualifications: Advanced Diploma in Accounting, Diploma in Accounting
Strengths/qualities: Integrity, attention to detail, outcomes driven