Roger is equally comfortable working with senior managers to address complex or wicked problems, dealing directly with users of services or in negotiations on far-reaching collaborations or partnerships.

With executive experience at the national level in Canberra and in regional services in the Northern Territory and Western Australia, and a deep understanding of grant programs and the challenges faced by non-government providers, Roger is able to bring a rare mix of policy theory and practical experience to his work. Roger joined Noetic after leaving his role as CEO of a Commonwealth Government company and a Senior Executive Service career of some 21 years specialising in social policy and service delivery.  In that time he was responsible for Australia’s reciprocal social security agreements; led significant reforms in disability services; ensured effective delivery of social services to remote Indigenous communities and developed and implemented significant organisational reforms.

Roger is committed to Noetic’s ambition of achieving outcomes to benefit clients and their customers or end users. He believes strongly in engagement with those who need to carry out required change and/or deliver results and not just at an abstract policy level. “For change to really stick, it needs people who will drive through and deliver it in ways that make sense to those affected. Anything less is cosmetic.”

Qualifications: Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology)
Memberships: Australian Institute of Company Directors
Strengths/qualities: Leadership, creator/innovator, change driver