With 10 years’ experience in designing and leading organisational change in the public sector, Peter brings a wealth of experience to clients looking to grow or evolve their organisation to meet new challenges and opportunities.

Peter’s primary responsibility is within the defence sector. Peter typically works with difficult and complex problems, providing practical and pragmatic solutions to senior leaders and executives that builds on work the client’s team has already done. Known for his ability to deliver outcomes on time in accordance with aggressive targets, Peter brings an appreciation of the practical challenges of implementation, working with clients and stakeholders until they are satisfied with the result.

Peter is a dynamic and highly effective senior leader and strategic thinker with over 30 years’ experience in the defence and public sector, both in Australia and overseas. He brings innovative ideas to difficult or intractable problems and challenges clients to consider alternate approaches and new thinking while remaining agile and responsive to their needs. His work has strongly influenced the direction and development of key reforms in Defence and is known for establishing positive and collaborative relationships that allow him to ‘tell it like it is’.

Qualifications: Master of Defence Studies, Graduate Diploma in Strategic Studies, Graduate Diploma in International Law, Graduate Diploma in Management Studies
Strengths/qualities: Complex problem solving, innovative solution design, organisational and cultural reform, stakeholder engagement and alignment