Matthew enjoys the challenge of the creating quality solutions to highly complex strategic and operational problems.

Matthew joined Noetic from the resources sector, and that background has led his focus on a consultative approach as well as a practical results in delivering outcomes to clients. He has experience in areas of border security and immigration using his strong skills in strategic review, reporting and stakeholder engagement. With an analytical focus, Matthew likes to develop a strong understanding of the wider context of particular issues, creating solutions that are well-communicated and effectively seen through to completion.

Matthew was drawn to Noetic because of its entrepreneurial streak, which makes it agile and able to tackle issues that are beyond the norm. “No two problems are identical, and Noetic’s drive to innovate means that we can tailor solutions to each client. These results end up being more practical and sustainable.”

Qualifications: Bachelor of Mining Engineering (Hons), Bachelor of Corporate Finance
Strengths/qualities: Strategic analysis, innovation, stakeholder engagement