Bill brings an ability to communicate across all levels of an organisation from the CEO to the frontline and is able to bridge the divide between specialists and generalists.

Bill brings over 30 years’ management and Information Communications Technology experience to Noetic. Bill works to solve complex problems, where the need to see the hidden linkages and understand the issues in the widest context is required.  With any problem Bill’s aim is to remove uncertainty and reduce risk.  Bill specialises in military communications and information systems; training and education requirements and solutions; and developing the capacity for operational planning and execution.

Bill believes that the Noetic business model of bringing diverse experiences and knowledge to a problem and producing solutions that work in the real world has a positive and lasting impact on the organisations we work with. “The ability to reach back for in depth expertise means that the people on the ground always have access to support and specialist knowledge.”

Qualifications: Master of Defence Studies, Graduate Diploma of Telecommunications Systems Management, Graduate Diploma of Management
Strengths/qualities:Leadership, complex problem solving, relationship building