The Neurological Council of Western Australia


The Neurological Council of Western Australia (NCWA) engaged Noetic to work closely with its staff to ensure best practice operations and governance. Additionally, the Executive Director wanted advice to ensure that the NCWA was well placed to deliver quality services in the future.


Noetic reviewed the plans, processes, operations and governance of NCWA. Noetic rated NCWA’s existing services and worked closely with staff, clients and Board members to assess the strengths and capacity of NCWA to grow into the future. Most importantly, this process involved working with staff on both an individual and collective basis to ensure a shared understanding and focus on NCWA’s mission. The process also provided a mechanism for staff to air concerns and ideas, and provided an opportunity to explore options for changing aspects of the way operations were conducted. Noetic then compiled an action plan for the Executive Director and Board, to ensure best practice and realise opportunities for growth.


The Roadmap enables NCWA to optimise its operations and governance oversight and take the next steps in its growth. All Roadmap actions were oriented to ensuring that this much needed organisation continued to deliver quality services and ‘punch above its weight’. Importantly, the Roadmap has organisational buy-in spanning the staff, Executive Director and Board.