NSW Minister for Juvenile Justice


Noetic was commissioned by the NSW Minister for Juvenile Justice to undertake a strategic and comprehensive review of juvenile justice in the State. Juvenile justice was reviewed in the early 1990s leading to significant reforms and many positive outcomes for NSW and the children and young people in, or at risk of entering, the justice system. These improvements appeared short lived and the outlook for the future was poor. A key indicator was the increasing numbers entering detention, despite the levels of juvenile crime remaining static. This prompted the need for analysis of the justice system and an investigation of evidence-based research, strategies and practice to identify options for improving it.


A key task of the review was the development of an evidence base to understand leading practice in Australia and overseas. Noetic published a Review of Effective Practice in Juvenile Justice identifying and describing effective practice in juvenile justice with respect to strategies, programs and services. The Review made 77 recommendations and offered three strategic choices for consideration by government. It detailed measures to deliver better value for money and enhanced community outcomes. It also considered long-term costs and benefits of the recommendations, and provided a logical argument for investment over a sustained period of time.


The Review provided the NSW Government with three strategic options for determining the future of juvenile justice in NSW. Each strategy had benefits and disadvantages which needed to be weighed up by government. The strategies provided government with an increasing opportunity for greater reform and a roadmap for positive change and better community outcomes.

Noetic’s reports can be found here:
A Strategic Review of the New South Wales Juvenile Justice System
Review of Effective Practice in Juvenile Justice