Department of Defence


In 2002 the Australian Army was unable to produce the required number of doctrine publications to meet the changing requirements of the organisation and how it conducted business. Using doctrine as a basis for teaching was becoming irrelevant and the corporate knowledge of Army was being lost. The Australian Defence Force (ADF) more broadly was facing a similar challenge in maintaining the currency of its doctrine. Noetic approached Army initially, and the ADF subsequently, with an innovative solution to this problem.


Noetic proposed to write doctrine for Army using recently retired military subject matter experts while also providing an editing and formatting service to ensure the product was immediately usable. Additionally, Noetic developed a new methodology for the development of doctrine from the identification of needs through the development to the finalisation of an accepted product. The idea led to a scoping study and a contract to undertake a pilot to demonstrate the benefits of the approach. The success of this venture led to the establishment of a doctrine writing panel and Noetic’s production of over 120 publications.


Noetic’s approach enabled both Army and the ADF to redress their respective backlog in doctrine development. The resultant publications were produced in up to one third of the time, at a similar or less cost, and were of a higher consistency and quality. Additionally, both Army and the ADF adopted Noetic’s methodology for doctrine development as a means to maintain the currency of their doctrine.