Department of Defence


The Defence Simulation Strategy and Roadmap was previously published in 2011.  The Client had updated the document internally although an updated version had not been published. The Client wanted to get greater buy-in and collaboration with key stakeholders in Defence, namely the Services, around the Defence Simulation Strategy and to achieve a level of alignment with Service Simulation Strategies.


Noetic brought together a team of Subject Matter Experts to review and update the Defence Simulation Strategy and update the enterprise Roadmap and its objectives. Through review of existing documents, stakeholder engagement and workshops of drafts the team developed an Updated Defence Simulation Strategy and Roadmap and developed reports on Service Simulation Strategies that aligned with Defence’s Simulation Strategy.


Noetic delivered a revised Defence Simulation Strategy and Roadmap, along with service Reports and an analysis of the then responsibility and accountability framework supporting Defence simulation. The Client’s goal of engaging the Services and developing impetus towards a more unified and coherent approach to simulation across the ADO was substantially progressed and positioned Defence simulation for the First Principles Review and Defence White Paper.