Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council


The 4th Edition of the Australasian Inter-service Incident Management System (AIIMS) was published by the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC) in April 2013. One of the major changes in AIIMS-4 is the incorporation of a distinct intelligence function within the AIIMS framework. The requirement for this function had been identified in several major incident reviews in the prior decade. As a result AFAC sought to assist member agencies by developing a training package for the intelligence function within Incident Management Teams (IMT). Noetic was engaged by AFAC to design and develop an intelligence course based on AIIMS-4 and to deliver and evaluate one pilot course.


To develop and deliver the AIIMS-4 Intelligence Course, Noetic drew upon our extensive experience and expertise from across the emergency management, training and intelligence domains. During the design phase, Noetic undertook document review and stakeholder engagement to develop a Curriculum Design Document (CDD). The document review involved reviewing AIIMS-3, AIIMS-4 and researching new concepts introduced in the intelligence element of AIIMS-4 (such as Common Operating Picture) and existing concepts of intelligence in the fire and emergency services industry. During the stakeholder engagement, Noetic interviewed representatives from AFAC, NSW Rural Fire Service, Parks Victoria and Australian Capital Territory Rural Fire Service. Given that AFAC did not have existing intelligence doctrine, the Noetic team developed and adapted intelligence concepts from other industries (such as the military and police) to ensure the course provided a rounded understanding of intelligence. Noetic used the findings and recommendations gathered through document review and stakeholder engagement to design the course curriculum which, after AFAC’s endorsement, was further developed into a series of modules. Development of the course included producing participant workbooks, session PowerPoint presentations and facilitator guides.


Noetic delivered a three day pilot course attended by 19 participants from a range of fire and emergency services bodies across Australia. Noetic was able to deliver a course which integrated theory, practical activities, case studies and a series of scenarios in which participants applied the concepts and performed the function of intelligence. Course evaluation indicated that the course was well received and the practical activities, scenarios and case studies were highly valuable by participants. Development of this course permitted AFAC to initiate the professionalisation of the intelligence function within their member agencies.