By Jason Fritz

Because Noetic tailors every project according to the problem – or research question – at hand, our research and development services drive innovation, and provide government and commercial clients with a competitive edge. We bring the whole toolkit, not just a hammer.

We provide rigorous methods in areas from social science and historical research, to data collection and analytics, to human-technology integration. We maintain a strong in-house expertise, while our extensive associate and partnering arrangements allow us to rapidly access subject matter expertise.

Examples of the research and development services we offer are:

  • quantitative and qualitative social science research
  • historical case studies and analyses
  • analytical gaming, wargaming, exercising and experimentation
  • focus group, and working group, facilitation
  • monitoring and evaluation, and metrics development
  • data collection, management, and analysis
  • program management
  • our NXT methodology.

Why use Noetic’s research and development approach? Because:

  • the problems are correctly identified at the outset
  • the right questions are asked
  • this reduces time to achieve an outcome, thus saving costs
  • our clients get access to a disparate range of intellects and perspectives
  • multiple techniques are drawn upon to generate innovative thinking and new ideas.

For more about Noetic’s research and development services please contact Jason Fritz or Steve Williams in our U.S. office:  For our Australian office please contact John Smith or Matt Graham:

Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash