Min Chul Kim, Senior Analyst

Editor: What project or sector have you worked on that you are proudest of, or learnt the most from?

Min: The project I am most proud of was a youth justice centre operational efficiency review. The client was facing financial pressures running a centre where the number of people using the facility appeared to have declined dramatically. I challenged the assumption that this was a permanent trend. Using probability theory, I suggested that numbers could increase again. Changing the minds of people is difficult enough; changing the minds of the government treasury is an achievement!

Editor: How did you manage the relationship with the client, especially during any difficult moments?

Min: The Principal and Lead Consultants really guided me through this process. There is a lot of uncertainty in the data that clients provide us, however I learned from my colleagues that as long as the expectations are managed throughout the process, the client gains more confidence in our analysis and suggestions.

Editor: What did the client say they gained most from their experience with us?

Min: Our analysis turned out to be quite accurate – the centre experienced a sudden surge in demand. I think that this may have come as a surprise to the client. Luckily, the funding had been increased in line with our recommendations, so they were able to service the increased needs.

Editor: In what ways do you think you provided value to the client?

Min: I truly believe that the level of analyses we provided was beyond what many other consultancies could provide. Our work went above and beyond the typical financial estimations and regression models. We used number theory – this is as bespoke as analytics gets.

Editor: How did your work benefit the client or the broader community?

Min: Young people actually have it pretty bad here. I have read the ‘How Young People are Faring’ reports, produced by the Foundation for Young Australians, and I have worked at a disadvantaged school. Throughout this project I was able to learn just how far ahead the ACT’s Youth Justice system is. It was a great feeling to find out that our client finally got the funding they deserved to deliver their services to young people in need.

Min Chul Kim is Noetic Group’s Senior Analyst. He has a background in theoretical physics, chemistry, and economics. He provides analytical research and insights to our clients ranging from data analysis, financial analysis and operational reviews, and provides business analytics and systems support across the Noetic Group.

He can be contacted directly at: minchul.kim@noeticgroup.com or at the Noetic Canberra office on +61 2 6234 7777.