Doc5The importance of celebrating the success of Canberra businesses was emphasised last night as clients and friends gathered to recognise the achievements of one of the city’s home-grown consultancy firms.

Noetic Group’s year, which saw their United States office increase revenue by 400%, was topped off with a win at the ACT Chief Minister’s Exporting Business Services Award earlier this month.

Canberra Business Chamber CEO Robyn Hendry said it was important to celebrate when Canberra business did well.

“Let’s celebrate Canberra and business success in Canberra which makes such a significant contribution to this city.”

Noetic, which began in Canberra 14 years ago, has remained based in the city despite working around the world and opening offices overseas. Ms Hendry said the expansion has been impressive, and sets a great example for other operators in the Canberra Region.

“It has nurtured talent here, employing graduates who have gone on to do amazing things, it has helped numerous businesses flourish with its advice and continues to make a contribution to a range of sectors.

“Noetic provides an example to Canberrans thinking about starting their own business – this is what you can achieve with a bit of inspiration, a good idea, and a considerable amount of hard work,” she said.

Noetic Chairman, Andrew Balmaks, said the company started literally at his family kitchen table and grew as business opportunities and talented people came on board.

“We have great people and we have also been focussed on developing talent here in Canberra. We have offices in other cities, but our emphasis has been on building a company that has its roots firmly in this city and contributing to this city.

“Having said that our reach is international and our work diverse. In 2015 we are advising the Pentagon on future threats, helping Saudi Arabia reform its education system and bringing our expertise to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission,” he said.

For more information about Noetic:

Media contact: Carol Yong, phone +61 2 6234 7777