Technology is rapidly shifting the paradigm of modern warfare. US security consultant of Noetic Group John Watts recently sat down with The Futurist to talk about ‘game-changing’ technologies that are affecting both military and civilian life.

In the interview, Watts discussed the highly accredited NeXTech Project, a yearlong effort to heighten understanding of the historical context and potential implications of game-changing technologies. The project aims to prepare military and civilian planners with an ethical and strategic framework to adapt to the new technological changes.

The article provides a rare industry insight into the evolving and aggressive nature of technology and its impact on setting the military agenda. In focus, Watts describes drugs that can boost soldiers’ strength and intelligence to insect-sized ‘nano-bots’ as just some of the potential technologies that are shaping the next generation of modern warfare.  The NeXTech project also highlights the growing importance of ethics and cultural values in adapting to these new technological progressions.

Full Article – New Tools for War and Peace: Technology Game Changers

Courtesy of the World Future Society,