Noetic Solutions is pleased to announce that we will be working with Francis Owusu, ACT Local Hero 2013 and his Canberra-based charity youth services provider Kulture Break to develop a 5-10 year strategic plan for the community arts organisation. Steadfast in its mission to ‘Influence a Culture, Empower a Generation,’ Kulture Break focuses on the wellbeing, transformation and empowerment of young people, using dance as a vehicle to help its participants find acceptance and develop life skills.

“We are excited to work with Noetic as our organisation looks to expand our presence in empowering young people across Australia,” said Francis Owusu, CEO of Kulture Break and ACT Local Hero 2013. “Kulture Break provides a positive outlet for kids to help them boost their confidence and self-esteem. We want to break the negative culture that keeps people from being their best and show them that they don’t need to become somebody – they are somebody.”

Noetic aims to help Kulture Break transform from a successful local organisation to a nationally recognised force with branches across Australia. Noetic will assist Kulture Break in articulating strategic goals and actions to expand their organisation into the future. Noetic’s work with Kulture Break is part of the company’s commitment to Corporate Social
Responsibility and involvement with Creative Partnerships Australia, an agency that promotes, encourages and facilitates business, philanthropic and donor support for the arts. . Creative Partnerships Australia’s Woodside Better Business Volunteering Program, including the two volunteering services adviceBank and boardBank, assists businesses to partner with arts organisations which can benefit from their strategic and business input.

“Kulture Break plays an important role in our community by keeping young people engaged and deterring them from negative influences,” said Peter Murphy, CEO of Noetic Solutions. “This is a great opportunity for Noetic to draw upon our experience in social policy and youth justice to help an organisation with such a positive outreach.”

Noetic previously worked with the ACT government to develop a Blueprint that set out a strategic plan for reforming the youth justice system over a span of 10 years. The Blueprint was produced to reduce the number of young people in the justice system, promote a safer community and give youth within the system a greater voice. Noetic also completed a Strategic Review for the NSW Department of Juvenile Justice on their Juvenile Justice system.

Kulture Break conducts dance classes, mentoring and social skilling programs, tailored workshops, seminars and conferences, motivational talks and performances for schools, government agencies and community organisations. Since its establishment in 2002, the organisation has engaged with over 400,000 young people in schools, jails and communities across Australia and internationally. More information on Kulture Break can be found at their official webpage:

More information on Creative Partnerships Australia can be found at their official webpage:

Noetic Corporate Overview:

Noetic is a leading strategic management and knowledge consulting firm, specialising in the business of government. The Group assists both public and private organisations, providing implementable solutions to their often complex, difficult and sensitive problems. Noetic Group was established in October 2001 and has grown into a medium-sized organisation with offices in Australia, the US and the PNG.  For more information –

Media Contacts

Noetic: Carol Yong, BD and Marketing Coordinator Ph: 02 6234 7777
Kulture Break: Francis Owusu, CEO of Kulture Break Ph: 02 6291 8249

Media Release – Noetic engages with community arts organisation Kulture Break headed by ACT Local Hero Francis Owusu