Noetic U.S. has again been featured in the news for its NeXTech wargaming project. In The Atlantic, Patrick Lin talks about his experience as a participant in the Noetic hosted wargame, which was also directed by Dr Peter W. Singer. The wargame focused on the ethical, legal and policy implications of emerging and future military technologies, using hypothetical scenarios. Lin describes some of the discussions that occurred around controversial capabilities, such as a ‘microwave-like energy beam’ called the Active Denial System, but sometimes referred to as a ‘pain ray’. This capability is designed to disperse violent crowds without causing them harm, but creates a temporary sensation of intense heat. While an existing technology, the fact it has not yet been utilized operationally speaks to the controversial ethical, policy and legal issues that surround it.

Lin describes Noetic’s NeXTech project as a unique wargaming programs, with its efforts to ‘cross-pollinate expertise’ and engage the broader public on what may become real issues in the near future.

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