Graham West congratulates Noetic on eleven years of commitment to Government and the community

28 November 2012

Leading professional services consultancy Noetic Group celebrated their success in serving government, corporate and not-for-profit organisations for the past eleven years at the Federal Golf Club last night.  The event was attended by senior officials across all levels of government and senior corporate executives.

Guest Speaker, the Honourable Graham West, CEO of the National Australia Day Council, provided attendees with a thought-provoking speech, addressing the question, ‘Can Evidence Based Policy Survive Politics?’ In his presentation he highlighted a number of critical issues for consideration, including how policy makers need a deeper understanding of the political process, the importance of champions in driving policy change, the need for honest brokers and trust, and the importance of sharing stories.

Speaking at the event, Noetic CEO Peter Murphy said, “Graham provided some unique insights to the challenges of policy development and implementation.  His wide range of experience means he was very well placed to provide different perspectives on this interesting and topical question”

Reflecting on the past year, he said, “We are really grateful for the ongoing support of our clients over the past year.  We have continued to have the opportunity to undertake a range of challenging projects across government and with NGOs.  Our infrastructure and risk businesses worked with a range of corporate clients to deliver important outcomes in these sectors.  Noetic is looking forward to continuing this work in the New Year”.

Noetic Group Corporate Overview:

Noetic Group is a leading Australian-owned consultancy firm providing professional services to the government, infrastructure and resources sectors in Australia and overseas. The Group assists both public and private organisations, providing implementable solutions to their often complex, difficult and sensitive problems. Noetic Group was established in October 2001 and has grown into a medium-sized organisation with offices in Australia, the US and PNG.  For more information –

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